What To Look For When Hiring An Electrician

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Published: 04th October 2011
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You'll find many very good electricians available just waiting present good value for your money however if you have never hired an electrician before or are certainly searching for one and are interested what to look out for then read on.

Firstly when looking for an electrician is to inquire about their electrical qualifications. This is totally understandable and if the electrician is unable to show their qualifications or cannot substantiate their qualifications then this should be an area of real concern.

If you choose a medium to big electrical contractor to do your project then they should be members of the ECA or the NICEIC. These organisations offer a sure number of peace of mind because of the fact that if you've any complaints about your electrician please pass on a complaint. such organisations have a trusted database of members who are indeed under their regulatory control.

You need get a confirmation in on paper that work has been done to the relevant British Standards, also include a written guarantee for all works which have been undertaken.

With regards to obtaining quotes you should most definitely get these in writing and also ensure they're inclusive of VAT. This is also applicable with regards to revised estimates. Also always inquire how long the work are guaranteed for.

When weighing up which electrician to choose consider that the best quotation you receive cannot be the best. There's every chance the best quotation can be underestimated at the same time the highest quote can well be because the electrician is really busy and doesn't need the work.

Before you hire an electrician, also make sure they have adequate public risk insurance cover and make sure that the policy they hold covers your own project. Also ask the electrician if they get any experience of carrying out similar work.

Like constantly, be on the look out for rogue tradesmen! Such things you should search out for are discounts for money, no references for previous jobs, no written quotes, too low a quote, telling you more work has to be done than you first thought, no address on company card, mobile telephone number as just possible way of contact etc.

Break with finding the right electrician there are many many good ones available. Also do not forget to think about what the electricians costs are when considering hiring one. For instance many electricians carry a big amount of tools and parts, such items are heavy and with the current cost of fuel transportation costs are high. Consider time getting to you, the electricians hourly rate and so on.electrician bournemouth

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